Bed Bug Control Jeisson Torres June 17, 2022

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

What you should know about Bed Bugs

Bed bug control can be a difficult process because of their short gestation period. Infestations can easily happen, and these bugs do not care if your home is sparkling clean or dirty. Their only goal is to remain close enough to you that they can feed off you at night and hide during the day.  

Bed bugs are on the rise in the United States and pest control companies are seeing more infestations in recent years. Prevention and treatment start with awareness. Every homeowner should have a pest control company on call to handle any concerns they have regarding bugs in the home.  

Do bed bugs cause damage?

These bugs can leave small itchy red bites on the skin. Most times these bites can be in a line and will look similar to mosquito bites. Other than using you as their source of food, they do not cause damage to your home. They also do not carry diseases. However, because female bed bugs can lay up to a 113 eggs per life cycle, infestations can happen fast.  

How did they get in my home?

Bed bugs are great hitchhikers. They can hitchhike off your luggage, clothing, shoes and anything they can cling onto that you bring inside your home. Its best to inspect your luggage anytime you come home from traveling

Bed Bug Control

The main problem with bed bugs is their resilient nature. Moving to a different room does not help because they follow the food. The females lay between 5-20 eggs every meal. Even more concerning, the females can store fertilized eggs in their body for long periods of time.  

Bed bugs can also go a year without food so starving them out isn’t an option. Bed bug control starts with a qualified and certified pest control company. If you believe you are having a bed bug problem, call a professional immediately. At EZ Pest Control, we send out our inspectors to identify your problem right away and prescribe a treatment plan.  

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