Wildlife Control Jeisson Torres June 14, 2022

Wildlife Control 

Wildlife Control 

What you should know about Wildlife

Wildlife can be a nuisance to any homeowner. Racoons, squirrels and opossums can wreak havoc on your property. Damage to the structure of your home is just the beginning. Once wildlife creates entry points into your home, other pests can invade. Wildlife control starts with information about the pest you’re dealing with. Here, we’ll introduce the most common wildlife homeowners come across.  

Common Wildlife


They are nocturnal creatures that are rarely seen during the day. Racoons are clever and are great at scavenging. Their grey fur and black-like mask make them easy to identify. They eat anything they can get into, including your garbage can. If they make entry into your home, they can destroy walls and floorboards. Racoon feces may have parasites and bacteria that are harmful to humans. So, taking care to keep them away from your property is essential to homeowners.


Opossums are also nocturnal. They have light brown to white fur and a long hairless tail. They will hang upside down in trees by their tail. Opossums will forage through trash cans and woodpiles to get food. When threatened, they “play dead” and emit a foul smell.


Squirrels are active during the day. They bury their food for the winter and hang out in the trees all day. If they get into a homeowner’s attic or under the house, they can create nests there. If a nest has developed inside your home, the squirrels will chew wires and damage insulation.  


Seeing a rat inside your home can be alarming. Rats will invade any space that has enough food and water to sustain them. They are more active at night but can be seen during the day as well. Rats will mark their territory with urine. Their feces carry pathogens and bacteria that are harmful to humans. Rat infestations can happen quickly because of their quick gestation rates.  

Wildlife Control and Prevention

Having tight fitting trash can lids is a must for keeping wildlife out. Maintaining your yard by trimming trees and bushes can help keep wildlife at bay as well. It is also good practice to clean up any food or drinks that are left outside.  

If you believe a wildlife infestation has already happened in your home, call EZ Pest Control. Our experts have been trained to find any entry point that wildlife have created. Our treatment plan includes coming back and checking on the traps we set and an ongoing prevention plan.  

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