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Bee Control

What you should know about Bees

Bee control and removal is essential to the Floridian homeowner. Having bees in or out of your homme can be intimidating. Luckily, bees provide a lot of pros to living in South Florida. Whether bees are pollinating our native vegetation or making honey for the local farm stores, bees are essential to our quality of life. However, all of these pros do not help when you’re dealing with a colony inside or outside your home or property.  

Species of Bees

Florida’s warm tropical weather and native plants make this a paradise for bees. In Florida, we have over 315 species of bees that roam the environment. Our most common bees are honeybees and bumble bees. Bumble bees are larger than honeybees and make their homes underground. Bumblebees are stout barrel and shaped. They also have black and yellow bands around their body. Honeybees are slender and have a smooth abdomen. Their homes are hexagon in shape and can be found mounted to trees, buildings and inside walls. Most importantly, honeybees produce honey while bumblebees do not.

Because coloring of bees can be similar, it is advised to have an expert come identify your species of bee.

Fortunately, EZ Pest Control is experienced at identifying which species you’re dealing with and providing a removal service. Our licensed technicians perform an interior and exterior inspection while also concentrating effort on where bees would likely nest. Our advanced technology can detect bee nests through walls and provide a starting point to bee removal.  

Calling an expert pest control technician is essential to bee control. Because bees provide such a benefit to our environment, removal is a better option. Furthermore, killing the bees can lead to home damage.  

Bee Control

We know part of a good home is pest control and our experts are on standby to help navigate your journey to a pest free home. We value the care and quality of our work, and this is why we have been able to help our customers with their pest problems.  

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