Moth Control Jeisson Torres June 14, 2022

Moth Control 

Moth Control 

What you should know about Moths

Moth control starts with some background information on this pest. You can find moths everywhere in the world. They are a winged insect that looks similar to a butterfly. Their wing colors are more commonly shades of brown, gray and white. However, there are a few species with brightly colored wings. Moths are fuzzier in appearance than butterflies.  

Eating Habits of Moths

Moths start their life cycle similar to butterflies. In caterpillar form they will munch on plants and leaves. Caterpillars also eat silk, cotton, wool, nectar, paper and dust. In their adult stage they will eat more natural matter like flower nectar, sap, rotting fruit and honeydew.  

Moths and Humans

Moths do not bite humans and are generally harmless. In caterpillar form, moths have teeth that they use to eat plants and leaves. It’s best not to pick up caterpillars as some species could bite to defend themselves.  

Moths are attracted to our home because of the endless shelter and food they provide. They are also attracted to sources of light and can fly through open windows and doors. Moths like spaces like our pantry where there is a supply of paper and dark spaces. They lay eggs and when those eggs hatch, they will eat through paper and clothing.  

Moth Control and Prevention

You can prevent most moths from coming into your home by sealing up windows and doors so that there are no cracks to outside. If you find yourself with a lot of moths in your home, there are some simple measures you can take. First, make sure you dry clean your clothing to kill any eggs. Clothing should be in a sealed bag to prevent any further damage.  

If you find moths in your kitchen, then a little cleaning will be in order. Throw out contaminated food and store food in sealed plastic containers. Wipe down counters and shelves to get rid of dust. 

If you are still finding holes in clothing and pantry items, give EZ Pest Control a call. We’ll have a professional come out and inspect your pest problem. We will treat and get rid of moth infestations quickly.  

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