Iguana Control Jeisson Torres July 27, 2022

iguana Control 

iguana Control 

What you should know about Iguanas

The need for iguana control has increased as the population of green iguanas has grown significantly. Green iguanas are nonnative and many homeowners consider them a nuisance to their property. Because they are nonnative, they are not protected by the Florida Wildlife Conservation. Green iguanas are seen throughout Central America and tropical environments of the United States.  

Green iguanas were first seen in south Florida in the 1960’s and have slowly spread throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. These pests wreak havoc on beautiful south Florida lawns by eating plants and leaving droppings on porches, cars and patio furniture. Fortunately, Florida has taken action to add green iguanas to the prohibited species list.  

Green Iguana

The male green iguana can get up to five feet long with females also reaching this length. Males can weigh up to 17 pounds while females do not usually exceed more than 7 pounds. When young, iguanas are bright green. Older mature iguanas can range in color from green to black. Some iguanas will develop a pink/coral tint. Mature iguanas will have large spikes that run down their backs and tails. The tails will have black rings. 

Habitat and Diet

Green iguanas are not cold hardy and prefer warm tropical environments. They reside in trees, drains and burrows. Green iguanas can nest in urban, suburban and rural areas. They are great swimmers and can hold their breath for up to 4 hours. Green iguanas eat shrubs, fruits, flowering plants, eggs, and dead animals. Eating decorative plants makes iguanas more of a nuisance for Florida homeowners.  

Iguana Control

Because iguanas are on the prohibited species list in Florida, it is legal to humanely dispose of them. However, finding and catching these creatures can prove to be difficult for the average homeowner. EZ Pest Control uses the most up to date traps and trapping technics on the market. We want to make sure our homeowners are provided an iguana free environment so they can enjoy their yards.  

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