Mosquito control Jeisson Torres May 16, 2022

mosquito control

Mosquito control

Control & Prevention

Mosquito control is a necessity for tropical environments. Florida is known for its warm weather. However, Florida’s beautiful weather is also a prime breeding ground for mosquitos. Instead of finding yourself enjoying the outdoors, residents can find themselves swatting away these flying pests.

From the annoyance and itch of the bite to the diseases they carry, mosquito control is a necessity for every homeowner in Florida. Residents can start enjoying the outside of their home with a good pest control company to help them. We’ve been in business for a long time and know exactly how to treat and control mosquitos.

Mosquito control starts with prevention. Mosquitos are water-born and will flock to any standing water to lay thousands of eggs. The water can be as small as a bottle cap. Prevention starts with locating any standing water and draining it properly.  

Mosquito eggs can stay alive for months in dry weather and hatch when there is enough rainwater to activate them. Because of this, it is essential to have a pest control company come and inspect your yard. EZ Pest Control will locate their breeding ground, dispose of them quickly, and treat the area for larvae.

How Moquito Control Works


The first step is a deep inspection in order to customize a mosquito treatment plan according to your needs.


Our mosquito treatment plan begins working immediately to reduce the mosquito population in your yard.


Our treatment creates a zone of protection that lasts weeks.


Regular service, during mosquito season in your area, is the key to keeping mosquitoes down and outdoor enjoyment up.

Florida Mosquitos

There are over 3,500 different breeds of mosquitos. The most problematic species of mosquito in Florida is the Aedes Aegypti. These pests carry diseases such as yellow fever, zika, and malaria.  

In 2016, Florida declared a state of emergency over the zika virus. Zika symptoms include mild fevers and joint pain. These symptoms are not deadly, and the body usually fights them off. However, pregnant women are at high risk because of zika-born birth defects.

Unfortunately, Florida is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Without mosquito control, Floridians will be at a higher risk for mosquito born illnesses.

Mosquito Control = Less Bites

Mosquito bites itch because the female mosquito injects saliva into your skin. The saliva numbs the skin, so you don’t feel the initial sting of her needle-like nose. Your body reacts to this saliva and sends your white blood cells to attack. This reaction causes itchy red bumps that can last up to a couple days.   

Treat a mosquito bite by washing the area with some soapy water and applying an ice pack. Over-the-counter anti-itch medication can also be used as a remedy. However, this does not treat the mosquito population problem.  

Mosquito Control and Treatment

We use a variety of treatment methods to help you get outside more. We have our experts come evaluate your mosquito population and prescribe a treatment plan that works with your yard. Our experts will also talk with you about continuing treatment and tools to keep the mosquitos at bay.  At EZ Pest Control, we uncover the root of the problem and treat the surrounding areas. So, give us a call and let us come and help you with your mosquito problem.   

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