Silverfish Control Jeisson Torres June 14, 2022

Silverfish Control 

Silverfish Control

What you should know about Silverfish

Despite their name, silverfish are not actual fish. They are an insect with a shiny scaly body that can damage your belongings if they are left alone. Therefore, silverfish should be taken care of right away to avoid damage to your home.  Silverfish are approximately ¾ inches long and are quick in movements. They consume a wide range of things in your home including but not limited to: 

As you can see, because of their wide variety in diet, the amount of damage they can cause is endless.  Although silverfish do not bite, they can settle inside food containers and contaminate pantry items quickly. If a homeowner is seeing silverfish in their home this could mean that the home has some cracks and crevices leading to outside.  

Silverfish Control

Silverfish do not bite or carry disease and are not aggressive towards humans. Even so, sealing your home is always the good prevention method to keep silverfish away. In addition, closing food containers can help lessen the attraction of your home to silverfish. Silverfish like damp and humid places in your home the most. So, you’ll likely find them in the bathroom or kitchen areas.  

Silverfish Control and Prevention

There are signs that you have a silverfish infestation. Signs include:

  • Droppings
  • Shed scales
  • Yellow stains on books or clothing
  • Chewed holes in any paper products 

Unfortunately, silverfish are resistant to over-the-counter pesticides. Therefore, putting food away in sealed containers, vacuuming, cleaning and getting dehumidifier can help ease some of the damage they can cause. However, total clearance of silverfish can be done by a professional. At EZ Pest Control we send out an inspector with the latest tools to find silverfish and apply pesticides to get rid of adults and eggs.  

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